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Fruit Punch in the morning before school
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We offer licensed safe, effective and of high-quality Herbal Natural Detoxify Nutritious Drinks to Improve Endurance and Performance.

To further expedite our process, we have decided to put in place the following measures:

  • Daily nutrition delivered in two different drink formats, one before school and a different product after school.
  • Daily nutrition is delivered in a powder form mixed with cold water. When you use a pill, you do not know where in the digestive system it will be dissolved, how much of the nutrients will be absorbed and how much will be excreted as waste in the urine and feces.
  • he product is formulated without refined sugar, no fructose, no artificial flavor or colours. The GP4.0 Fruit Punch has been approved by Health Canada and an NPN Licence issued # 80063426 and the GP4.0 Vanilla Shake has been approved by Health Canada and an NPN Licence # 80063432 has been issued.

Please be assured that we are doing our best to fulfill all orders, however, do understand the circumstances.

Stay safe and we thank you for your trust and understanding.

What Our Client Says


He is diagnosed as an ADHD child and, as such, has many difficult behaviours to deal with, as well as the lack of attention. Since he had been drinking the GP4.0 Orange drink and the Vanilla shake he does seem to be quite a bit calmer and easier to deal with. He remains on his XXXXXXX medications at this time but the effects seem to be enhanced while he uses the GP4.0 drinks as well. His appetite has always been a problem while on the medication and getting him to take the many pills and capsules required and to supplement with vitamins and minerals was not easy. These products (GP4.0) ease my mind about the problem since they contain the essential nutrition a growing child requires. The great thing is that he really enjoys both products and I never have a problem getting him to drink them.


I am a great believer of the product GP.4.0. I have a grandson who is now 10. He has a very difficult time in school. He just cannot get the basic skills of reading. Most of his problem is a deficit of attention span problem. We did try XXXXXX for a few months…. About a year ago we put him on GP4.0 and found a remarkable change. He is very good mechanically with his hands. He loves hands on activities but just doesn’t care for anything that requires his sitting quietly. While on GP4.0 he seems to be much calmer. He has the ability to concentrate better, thus liking school better than he normally does. He loves the taste of both the orange drink and the milk shake and never balks at taking either.


We had a son in grade 11. I received a phone call from one of his teachers. “He is not a bad boy, but he just can’t shut up. He is disruptive. It is never his fault, ‘he is just helping his friend’”. I gave to him a father’s talk which may have had an effect for a few minutes. My wife whispered in my ear, “why not give him the G.P. 4.0 products”. We did and in three days my wife stated she could tell he was on them. In one semester his marks rose about 10 points. The report card at the end of the semester stated, “a pleasure to have in class”. We believe the GP 4.0 drinks had a significant effect on our son. He is in the category of children who don’t like to eat breakfast. Thank heaven for GP 4.0.


Eating Habits: I felt that he actually ate better while he was taking the drinks (GP.4.0). He always felt full so he spent less time grazing the kitchen for junk after school. He usually eats very small meals as he usually has something more pressing on his mind than eating. Having not eaten small snacks from after school to 4:30 or 5:00, he would eat a good dinner. Behaviour: I found him to be more settled. He had fewer mood swings, and as this was the week before Christmas, I would have expected him to way up and then way down. This was a bit hard to judge as school was just out and our schedule was erratic but life seemed calmer than usual for him.


My son used the GP4.0 orange drink and milk shake. He found both drinks likeable. He would mix a banana and ice cream with the milk shake. These products produced a calmer and happier child.


I take the GP 4.0 before our games and practices. I found that I had more energy during the game and level of concentration and performance improved.